NY Times: NYPL Refuses to Disclose any Information About “Independent” Review of Central Library Plan

An important point that’s been overlooked in the recent New York Times story about Mayor de Blasio’s needing to make a decision about  the Central Library Plan. Last summer, NYPL promised to undertake an independent financial review of their Central Library Plan. To date, NYPL has not only failed to release the review – they won’t even reveal whom they hired to conduct the review! Why the secrecy??

The library also commissioned an independent cost review last summer that was to have been concluded in the fall, and said at the time that Mr. Foster would revise the design. But the library has since postponed two hearings at which it was to reveal the results of these efforts and has refused to say who is conducting the economic study.

The NYPL won’t even tell the New York Times whom they’ve hired to conduct the study??

More info here: www.savenypl.org/nypl-agrees-to-independent-review-of-central-library-plan

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