Nation Magazine: Mayor de Blasio Can Stop Central Library Plan

May8Rally4smallThe new issue of the Nation magazine reports that Mayor de Blasio faces a choice: he can follow-through on his campaign pledge to halt the Central Library Plan, but time is running short.

De Blasio was right to speak out: the CLP devotes immense resources to the central library, in the heart of Manhattan, while ignoring the needs of the NYPL’s nearly 100 branch libraries, many of which are situated in poor, outlying zones of the city. Those branch libraries need at least $500 million in structural renovations.

How should the new mayor proceed? He should redirect the $150 million in capital funds the Bloomberg administration allocated to the CLP.

Read the full article here.  For more of the Nation’s outstanding coverage of the Central Library Plan, see The Hidden History of New York’s Central Library Plan and Upheaval at the New York Public Library.

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