Junot Diaz: “To Destroy a Library is to Destroy the Dream of Civilization”

Junot Diaz Cropped

photo ©Nina Shubin

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Junot Diaz:

To destroy a library is to destroy the dream of civilization. To destroy the NY Public Library is to destroy our sixth and best borough; that beautiful corner of New York City where all are welcome and all are equals, and where many of us were first brought to the light.  The Library is the borough I love best and the one we need to fight hardest to preserve —for in its many branches and countless shelves lie our best hope for a better world.  It really is that simple: Save the Library, save New York. Save the Library, save the future.  Write Mayor de Blasio and remind him of his promises and of our covenant with our libraries and with our future.


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